• Eczema Keeps Patient Awake Because of the Itch

    Eczema is a type of skin disease that is characterized by itchy and red skin marking that has the form either of blisters, patches or pimples. There are different types of eczema such as discoid, atopic, irritant or contact dermatitis, and nummular. The itchiness caused by eczema can make sleeping very difficult so using antihistamine at night is a need for functioning the next day because it gives you the needed sleep for the next day's school and work-related activities. Found here is in-depth information regarding eczema so it is suggested to read on.


    When you are diagnosed with nummular eczema, the symptoms will be the large circles that are color red and they are extremely itchy in different body parts such as the belly, buttocks, and the back area as well. You will also have large itchy patches in the inner elbow that have scaly and pink coloration. With this type of disease, it is impossible to sleep so taking Benadryl or any antihistamine can be a great help. Another term for nummular is coins. Some circles were round and quite most of them look like welts.


    Atopic eczema is a common type of this type of disease that according to experts is inherited or has a genetic disposition for allergies and asthma. This is a disease that runs in the family. It has an allergenic base and some people say they got rashes when they got in contact with pet dander and other items in the home.


    Irritant eczema or contact dermatitis is a reaction to a chemical or a specific irritant in the environment. People who work in factories who are exposed to certain substances can get a skin rash reaction just being close to it or in contact with it. Cleaning compounds such as nickel, latex, and more can all cause skin dermatitis resulting from direct contact of this chemicals. Ear piercings have also shown some people having a metal reaction on these metal types.


    The varicose eczema is a problem that affects the elderly especially those with circulation problems like persons who have diabetes. People prone to this type of rash are those who already have prevalent varicose veins. It can be developed for pregnant women due to hormonal changes. It is suggested that you must see a doctor if this problem persists especially if ulcers are visible together with eczema.


    A medical intervention method that can relieve most types of eczema that would prevent the disease to lead into rash is to keep it moisturized all the time with lotion or hydrocortisone cream or lotion depending on your doctor's advice.


    If you are having red and itchy skin rashes that can be quite uncomfortable any time of the day and if you suspect it to be a type of eczema or any other skin diseases, you can read more about their symptoms and medical intervention by visiting this site. At Easy Better Health, you can see articles about your health concerns by just a click of a mouse. Click here for more details.

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